Dishwashing blues


bluesI’m not one for attaching myself to inanimate objects.  I don’t have a pet name for my car, nor do I give it a pronoun.  That doesn’t mean I don’t have a great appreciation for items that perform well and last a long time (think clean thoughts).

Such is my opinion of my kitchen appliances, being quite satisfied with my choices from about six years ago.  So it was perplexing, puzzling and a little bedeviling that a few months ago my glasses started showing spots and stains.

While I was trying to fathom what could be causing the sad results, I had an extremely clumsy week that yielded several broken plates and glasses.  As if I wasn’t already baffled!

Between the shortage of glasses and some awful stains on a few remaining ones, I decided to purchase a new set.  As I have mentioned before, I am a lover of the color blue.  There was a perfect set of glasses at the store and they came in deep blue, which I viewed as a sign.

All was well and I enjoyed my deep blue glasses for several weeks until…similar stains and spots began appearing on the glasses.  Unlike last time, however, I found that a good old-fashioned hand wash (using my trusty Dobie pad) made the glasses sparkling new again.

This led me to the conclusion that my new environmentally friendly dishwashing soap was not as friendly to cleaning as it was to the environment.  Figuring that the savings in water usage from not double-washing would be better for the environment than the new soap, I have now switched back to the old formula.

Now, in between paragraphs, I take sips from my clean glasses, relieved that my dishwasher does a better job of giving me the blues.

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