Disappointing end to a great Halloween

Disappointing end to a great Halloween. Everything was perfect. Display, weather, goody bags. But too few trick or treaters!

Sigh. Everything was so perfect heading into Halloween night. The display was great. The weather was great. And the goody bags were packed with, well, goodies. Yet, it is a disappointing end to a great Halloween.

A great Halloween

If you’ve been following along, you know I’m proud of pulling off my Halloween display this year. The card playing skeletons and their animal skeleton cohorts looked great. I was worried needlessly.

And, as soon as I put it up, Mom Nature rained on it. Every day in October. Except, no rain on Halloween day or night. Wow.

A disappointing end

And then…no one came.

Okay, not “no one”, but by my standards, way too few. In fact, less than two dozen. Sigh. Again.

It’s the lowest turnout on record (yes, I keep records). I don’t get it fully, but some preliminary research tells me one answer. Apparently, high school kids have tests today. What kind of awful school system has tests the day after Halloween? Talk about evil!

So, some of the kids were home studying (yes, some do that). Where were the others? I have feelers out (via teachers), so maybe I’ll solve that mystery.

A disappointing end to a great Halloween

Work early, work fast

Ah well. Answers or no, Halloween is over and my driveway is back to normal. As usual, I plunge into disassembly immediately in the morning before my innate laziness can overtake me.

The tables are toast, as they use pressboard for filler. Dump three weeks of rain on pressboard and see what happens. Ick.

I’ve also retired many of my foam blocks. Because, they’ve lost tone and color. I think I need to come up with something new and different next year, anyway.

Everything else is packed up and stored away. Phew. And, sure, it is a disappointing end to a great Halloween, but on the plus side, I’ll have to make almost no goody bags for next year with all these leftovers.

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