Did you love your parents?


I don’t want to post this. I keep waiting for a storm of conscientious and brave Republicans to make things right. They haven’t. No one is changing the mind of the person in the oval office. No one but you, that is. And that’s why I’m asking, Did you love your parents?

This isn’t aimed at Trump. He doesn’t listen to me, since I’m neither a supporter nor a believer. This isn’t even aimed at many of my blog readers; those that already have beef with Trump.

No, this is aimed at those blog readers of mine who are supporters of Trump. You are the only people he listens to (even more than conservative media) and only you can convince him to change direction. So, I’m asking once again, Did you love your parents?

Let me get some housekeeping done first and then I can explain my question.

First, people who cross the border illegally are committing a crime by the rules of our country. Dead stop. There is a facility to apply for asylum from the horrible conditions in their countries. Random crossing is not the procedure.

Next, the law defines illegal entry into our country as a misdemeanor. A traffic ticket. A jaywalk. A bad tail light. The punishment proscribed ranges from incarceration to deportation. The prosecution of that crime, up until now, has been discretionary.

Lastly, the current administration has decided to apply a “zero tolerance” rule to the law. (I would point out the ironic applicability for this administration to call it “zero tolerance”, when “intolerance” has been the more evident policy) By instituting criminal prosecutions, they have now “forced” themselves to separate parents from children.

All good? Okay, then, because this is now when I do something totally irregular for me. I am not going to appeal to you based on law. Nor am I going to give you a political or logical argument. Heck, I am not even going to make an economic plea.

Nope, for probably the first time, I am going to make an emotional argument. And that is where my question, Did you love your parents? takes me.

I recognize that not everyone has kids (raises hand). It’s probably more likely, though, that most everyone has parents. Absent abusive or missing parents or being an alien, this seems a reasonable assumption.

Be they biological or adoptive parents, it also means that you probably knew them when you were very young. So, as you think about the young children separated from their mothers and fathers at the border and placed in totally different “homes”, can you imagine what that must be like?

Again, you need to put aside the point of origin of these people. You need to, if at least for a moment, let go of your indignation and resentment of these people. I just want you to think about your early years and having someone yank your parents away from you.

For a busted tail light.

I know, there are narratives left and right out there. Hyperbole and righteousness from everywhere. But I ask you to only think of one thing: Did you love your parents? If so, you must know there is a better way to do this.

Send them back? Fine. But don’t break them apart. What about the “fake” families? That’s not what I’m addressing here. Those kids are better separated than together with nefarious people.

But, taking kids away from Moms and Pops simply because the administration wants to play tough guy? Do you really need to have immigration control applied that inhumanely? And, do you really think that is going to be a deterrent? Check the numbers being reported.

It’s strange that, after two consecutive months in which America celebrated both Moms (May) and Dads (June), that more people would not be screaming to Trump that he change his policy. Not to allow the immigrants free access to America, even. Just to not separate kids from their parents.

And before you decry the picture above, I would point out to you that the only pictures we actually have of the shelters are provided by…the U.S. Government. Ask yourself this: why no pictures of little girls or toddlers? Why only young and teenage boys? I don’t think you need me to explain the difference. Just look at the picture above.

So, that’s my emotional appeal. Please, please allow yourself to put aside, even briefly, your passionate dislike of our immigration system. Yes, it’s a problem. But it does not have to be treated like a plague. These are human beings. Children, Mothers and Fathers.

I ask you to remember what it was like when you were young. When you see these crying and confused children, I ask you to remember, Did you love your parents?

If you remember, then please speak up for others who don’t know when (or if) they’ll get to love theirs again.

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