December to remember?


december to rememberThat’s the tag line Lexus has used the past few Christmases for their end-of-year ad campaigns.  While I’m not planning on getting a Lexus this month, I am finally leaning towards getting a new car.

I like buying my cars and holding them for ten years.  Beyond the economic appeal of five years of no car payments (sweet!), there is also the comfortable feel of having “worn in” the car, like a good pair of shoes or your favorite jeans.

By this time, I know all my car’s ins and outs; any shudder, vibration or noise, I know exactly what my car is “telling” me.  The fact that it drives exceptionally well and still looks great (yeah, maybe some paint touch up could be handy) is compelling to hang onto the car.  Why, even yesterday, my youngest niece slipped into the back seat and said it had a new car smell (fantasy, of course, but telling).

Still, the car is rounding through 95,000 miles this month and I’m thinking now is the last chance to move it before the psychological mystical barrier of 100K.  That means car shopping.  Ugh.

I’ve been fortunate that my previous company was in the automobile industry and through the company I was able to purchase vehicles (at a substantial discount) without ever having to do anything at the dealership other than walking in for a few signatures and pick up my keys.

I know it won’t be nearly as painless this time, though I hope to lean on some of my former co-workers for a little grease on the process.  That, along with a little more than standard knowledge of the industry (and sales process) will hopefully take the “game” out of the shopping and make it mercifully short.

I’ve a clear idea of what I want on my car and what type I’m looking for.  One of the most important and immutable decisions is that I have purchased my last black car.  No garage and Florida sun is just too much, even for a guy who loves heat.  Those 115 degree interiors are going to be a thing of the past.  I’m looking forward to a cool 100 to 105 degrees in the future.

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