Death and Life

Brief post week comes to an end on a somber note as I reflect on my friends’ Corgi passing away this morning due to a particularly nasty thing that has done plenty of damage on two-legged people.

This was especially distressing for my friends, as their other Corgi died just six months ago at a resplendently old age (by dog standards).  As with all members of the family (and certainly our animals become that for us), it’s the absence of their presence that makes us sad, no matter the length of time we shared with them.

I don’t know how many of you are familiar with Corgis.  I didn’t know anything about the breed before their first one, around 15 years ago.  These are short, furry little dogs with stubby legs.   They have a happy disposition and are quite energetic.  Basically, the perfect companion – fun and friendly.

Hopefully, my friends’ loss will soon be eased by the arrival of their first grandchild, perhaps as soon as this weekend.  It’s pleasing to think that life’s randomness can also offer moments of happiness to offset some of those moments of melancholy.

I tip my keyboard in respect and sorrow today at the loss of a four-legged friend.  I hope to soon lift a glass in a toast to the arrival of a two-legged one.  Life always provides.