Darn these confusing instructions!


instructionsOkay, so according to this I’m supposed to…no, wait, this says I should be…um…er…

So I’m successfully back from my minor head work (yeah, it doesn’t feel so minor when they stick those anesthetic needles into your head) and I now have my one-week care and careful period before the sutures can be removed (like I said yesterday, those dermatologists sure know how to guarantee more visits).

The doctor kindly provides all sorts of reading material listing all sorts of situations that would make me queasy if I read them more than once (really, do I want to read about copious bleeding and other side effects?).  Part of those instructions refer to the care of the surgery site and the timing of being able to return to overall hygiene (i.e., showering).

On the first page, it clearly states to remove the dressing and clean the site at least once every 24 hours.  Nothing complex here:  soap, water and antibiotic ointment.

On the second page, it clearly states not to get the surgical site wet for 48 hours.

Hmm.  Flip a coin?  Call the doctor back?  Make a determination on my own?

Well, there is no “dressing” on the site, just the sutures.  I can slather on some more Bactroban and then wash it tomorrow (48 hours) or I can assume that a little water and quick dry is not what the instructions were referring to as “wet” (such as showers, rainstorms, scuba diving  and being the winning coach of the Super Bowl).

I think I’ll check back in with the doctor’s office, which is a great sign of maturity for me, since I would have just made a guess in the past.  This new wisdom would seem to suggest that perhaps I really did need another hole in my head!

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