Cruising for a bruising


It’s so much easier being a hermit.

So, then.

The process of making travel arrangements is usually cumbersome and tedious. The process of making travel arrangements for three people not of the same household is geometrically moreso.

Let’s set a baseline, as well.

Generally, each July 4th, I am invited over to my married friends’ house for a party and fireworks watching. This year was going to be problematic because my childhood friend is getting married and his wedding reception cruise is on July 4th…in another state.

Now comes another set of married friends who wanted to celebrate her retirement by going on a cruise to Alaska…and they want me to come along.

Since she wasn’t retiring until June and Alaska gets too cold for me starting in late July, guess where that plopped the potential cruise date.

But wait! There’s more!

Neither of them had been to the Pacific Northwest and they wanted to spend some time in Seattle and surrounding areas. His idea was to book time before the cruise and after the cruise in Seattle and use that as a staging area.

Forget cost at this point, it’s logistics that’s giving me tsuris.

For one thing, both July 4th events are right out. For another, there is no “package” or “bundle” that would create such an odd-shaped trip. It’s effectively a week in Seattle with a one week cruise to Alaska sandwiched in the middle.

There’s no way of making that cheap. I’m still trying to just make it happen.

Somehow, I’ve been delegated all the footwork in this deal. I mean, it’s not my retirement and heck, I’ve already spent some time in Seattle (though, I concede, not enough). And, I’m not the one who’s been on a cruise before.

Whatever. I am detail oriented and a problem solver extraordinaire. It’s a gift and a curse. I’ve drawn upon the vast powers I gained plotting the GNABRT and mapped out a possible set of arrangements.

We sit down to discuss them and (possibly) finalize them tonight. And if anything goes wrong with the plans or schedule of the flights, hotel or cruise, I’m sure we all know who’s going to get the bruising.

2 Responses to “Cruising for a bruising”

  1. Steve

    I will not feel bad if you skip my arrangements. You will love Seattle and cruise, I hope!

    • JMD

      I’ll feel bad, but I hope the scenery on the slightly longer cruise will improve my mood.


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