Crossing over


crossing overWhen did it happen?

Was it just the trip or has it been building for some time?

In my quest to get “back” to health, I’ve been attempting to get myself up to my previous walking distance. Today, I pushed out to a little more than six miles. Tomorrow is eight.

Except, I’m struggling.

Ever since my return from the Great North American Baseball Road Trip, I’ve seen a marked drop in my recovery from exercising. Heck, I’ve seen a marked drop in simply being able to exercise.

Mind you, it’s not much of an exercise regimen: about 15 minutes of stretching and ab exercises followed by a brisk walk.

Previously, I was able to maintain a steady 4 mph pace on short walks (6 miles or less) and a little slower on the long walks (7 to 10 miles). Now, I seem to be struggling to keep up the pace even on these short walks.

I allow for some slowing as I employ my iPhone for dictation, talking up blog post ideas and book pages. I get that my attention to pace is distracted while futzing around with the phone. Still, today it took me nearly 2 hours for six miles. That’s horrid.

Plus, I’m like a walking dead when I finish, having to wait a full half-hour before I can even eat breakfast. Sheesh!

Can’t blame the weather; I’ve been getting great mid-70’s to walk in. I have no real answer, other than the 2 1/2 months of zero activity on the GNABRT.

It seems hard to imagine such a short period of inactivity could cause such a disparate impact. Perhaps it’s simply tougher to get “back into it” as I get older.

I’m shooting for 10 miles again by early next week. That should be a 2 1/2 hour walk (okay, maybe a little longer). As long as it doesn’t become 3 hours, I guess I can push back the worry that I’ve crossed over into old age.

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