Crimping my style


crimp towelWhat determines style?  Why does that determination so often conflict with usefulness?

For many years now, towels have been manufactured with those useless “crimps” at the end of them.  They don’t absorb anything, they’re rough and uncomfortable and they shrink and wrinkle in the wash, making a flat fold or hang of your towel nearly impossible.

I just don’t get it and, in preparation for this post, did some research on the subject.

Apparently it is called a dobby (not to be confused with Potter Elfs).  It’s solely for aesthetics, though some people claim it also helps prevent unraveling (as the picture shows, maybe not so much).  That’s all.  No functional purpose whatsoever.

I still have a bunch of towels my Grandma gave me when I first got my own home (25 years ago).  These towels are without the dobby creation and are wonderful in that they can be used to dry yourself or clean over the entire surface of the towel.

The problem now is finding towels like that anymore.  Almost every towel sold has that annoying dobby.  I’m finally getting to the point that I need some new towels and I sure hope I can find some – somewhere – without that “style”.  It’s really a crimp in my towels.

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