Countdown to horror


webbed-graveyard-2015bOctober 1st is this Saturday. That will be the official kick-off of my 2016 Halloween preparations.

I’ve finished painting the edging stones and I am pleased with how they look, albeit now slightly concerned that they may not be sufficiently high enough.

I could cut down the size of the pen and double the height of the stones, but I am going to go with the original plan.

To wit:

Southside Shuffle

On the south side of the driveway, I will build the Dead Thing Pen. I currently have 14 Dead Things and I am awaiting some tombstones for Dead Thing bird perches. I need some “human” bones for some design ideas that percolated up in the last 24 hours.

I’m also waiting on a test purchase of a black light string. These are likely of meager light, but they have two points in their favor: they can be used outdoors and they can be wrapped around or near the Dead Things. I’ll test them first before deciding on how to best proceed with lighting.

Additionally, I’ll be placing stake lights around the driveway edge and perhaps embracing the Dead Thing Pen. This design element is still fluid.

North by Northwest

With all the lights on the South side, I plan on counterbalancing the north side “lawn” with all the inflatables.

Crunching them all together on one side should make an impressive display (and a spatial challenge) but the power stress will likely require me to hook it up to a plug inside the house, meaning a thinly cracked door. Good thing I like heat.

A door opens in the East

There shouldn’t be any major changes for the entrance way area. The fence gang will hang across my patio fence (I may add a few more pieces if something grabs me in the stores).

Building the graveyard in front of the jungle (I’ve got to get to trimming that back soon) on the other side of the door is pretty routine by now.


I am conflicted about the fog machine. Should it be pumping into the graveyard as usual (and thus floating around my front door and over the trick or treaters as they walk up) or should I have it adding mood to the Dead Thing Pen?

Of course, a simple (and more expensive) solution is to buy another fog machine and do both! I’ll check my budget after the bag build is completed.

Goody for you

Based on leftovers from last year, I’ve got 36 bags I need to build for this year. I plan a little overage each year (must not run out) and that is usually a plus 20% over previous  year.

Based on previous year contents, that means 360 comics, 36 toys, 18 stickers, 18 coloring books, 18 crayons, 6 plush, 36 lighted items, 15 action figures and 3 candles.

I’ll need to check my leftover stock before I plunge into the Dollar Tree and Oriental Trading websites.

And, ugh, I’ll need to notate every comic removed on my recently completed comics database. What a bore.

I’ve been thinking of shifting some of the individual comic giveaways to trade paperbacks and I may do that for the older kids next year, but this year I believe I will stick to the Daniels’ Classic Goody Bag.

Tomorrow I will try to motivate myself to work in the dreaded jungle, amidst the multiple spiders and flying things.

Now there is truly horror!

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