Computer memory


computer-memoryI’m not one to wallow in nostalgia or sit around knocking on doors in my head for old memories.

But, occasionally, I do succumb to the siren call of past delights. Sometimes it’s the re-reading of an old book. Other times, it might be pulling out the sketchbook to seek inspiration from long-ago drawings.

There are more situations, too. For example, this weekend, I was idly browsing Amazon for anything that might combine [a] ridiculous discount on [b] something I might actually buy (combining [a] and [b] crates a very small sample size).

I came across some old computer games for the PC that I remembered enjoying and, most significantly, would work on Windows 10. I was never the biggest computer game guy, but when I did find one I liked, I would definitely commit to it.

The “jewel” of these cheaply priced games was an old chestnut called Might and Magic VI. I won’t go into the bowels of the game, as it would probably have little interest to you.

What I remember so fondly was the style of game play. In this modern era of ever-increasing “realistic” graphics (and graphic) games, the games themselves got noticeably simpler. Run around and shoot everything.

This game, though 20 years old, had a sprawling world to explore, puzzles to solve, treasures to uncover and literally days (or months, for a working person) of game play.

As readers well know, I am totally into puzzles. Crosswords are my fave, but I used to enjoy the gamut, including logic puzzles, anagrams, etc.

This adventure/role-playing game gives me a little of everything…and I still get to run around and shoot, zap, poke and blast everything.

Yeah, it’s rose-colored with nostalgia to overlook the chunky graphics and play (by today’s standards), but you know what? It’s a fun trip down computer memory lane.

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