Coming unraveled


unraveledPhew.  Thankfully that’s over.

The sutures have been removed and I’m free to return to my normal agitated sleep.  I’m a wanderer while I sleep and I have spent the last week in paranoid fear I would tear open my stitches in the course of my nightly throes.  To avoid this, I changed my sleeping position and consequently slept poorly.

Apparently there will be a scar left by the procedure.  Not particularly a problem for me so long as I don’t go totally bald, which does not appear to be a worry.

I’m just as thankful the “no exertion” restriction has been lifted.  Going a week without real exercise at my age is like going a year without for a younger person.  The timing seemed to work out perfect; a message was waiting for me to play tennis Friday.  I’m looking forward to getting that tummy back under control.

The only thing left to deal with is the itching from the final healing.  Years of resisting a multitude of mosquito bites will serve me well here.

A good night’s sleep, a hard game of tennis and a return to my exercise regimen should be enough to keep me from coming any further unraveled.

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