Coming up short


shortIt’s been a busy start to the new year.  Finishing up new editions for all three books and getting started on the business venture with my friend has kept me active on the ol’ word processor.

Part of the work I’m tasked to do with the start-up is providing content for the company website.  We’ll be dealing with a wide range of subjects, many of which are complex in both explanation and impact.  But, the nature of web content and marketing demands quickly capturing the attention and interest of surfers before we can engage them in more fulsome discussions.

So, my partner assigned me several subjects he wants roughly 400-word “shorts” written to be placed on the website.  These have to be snappy and informative; catch the eye but also intrigue the brain.  That’s hard enough to do with a novel, doing it in 400 words is proving to be quite challenging.

For example, the subject of U.S. National Debt, is so substantive I literally got a headache researching it.  Culling all that information down into a 400-word “blurb” is still something I’m wrestling with.

I’ll get it eventually.  It’s needed practice, since my partner also wants me to write tweets for the company.  400 words is tough…140 words has even my keyboard nervous!

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