Where did that come from?


Book3_Front_highResThat’s weird.

As we all know, What Now?, the final book in the Jeremy Shuttle Adventures trilogy hasn’t been “officially” released.  The revisions I made at the same time as the changes I submitted to Books One and Two are still in production.

At least, that’s what I was told.

Yet, according to my publisher’s sales tracking, they “owe” me for copies of What Now?  Even allowing that the paperback could have been put up for sale and the delivery could have been delayed, their records show eBook sales also.  I haven’t even seen the converted files myself, so I’m flabbergasted that anyone could have purchased the books already.

Ah well, I suppose the mystery will resolve itself shortly.  Based on previous timelines, I have to imagine the book conversions are nearly complete.  I was advised that What Now? was going to be the first book converted (makes sense, since the first two books, before being pulled for current revisions, have been on sale for some time).  I can see the sales could not have come from Amazon, since that site doesn’t even list an eBook, but I do notice my publisher has both listed on their site, so perhaps they’re selling them already.

Color me surprised, but in a pleasing color.

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