Collecting dust


collectingDuring the weekly Sunday visit from my elder nieceling, she mentioned that when (if?) she moved out of her Mom’s house, she might need a temporary staging area for her “stuff” until she settled in.  Naturally, she asked about my “spare” room.

Technically, it’s my workout room, but I hardly use the Bowflex anymore.  It can’t be a guest room because the closet is jammed full of many of my various collectible items.

I’ve mention many times (here’s one) about my long-standing love of collecting paper-based items.  Whether it is comics, baseball cards, stamps or paperbacks, I’ve got a large collection of a wide variety.

However, the most current collection to date is dust.

In the intervening years between my departure from Corporate America and now, I’ve done practically no work on any of my collected items.  I worked a little baseball card action some years ago and occasionally add an old science fiction or fantasy paperback with a favorite artist on the cover (e.g., Frazetta or Krenkel), but mostly, the stuff just sits in closets gathering motes.

Funny, considering the ample amount of time I have to work these ancient hobbies.  And it’s not like I have forgotten them.  Nope, I often think, “I should pull that stuff out and update it.”  Yes, I often think that.

Perhaps, prior to my GNABRT, I can at least do some organization work on my baseball cards.  I have several hundred that need to be “filed away” (I have them all in classic Ultra-Pro clear pages in 3-ring binders).  I could brush up on my baseball history before the trip.

The stamp collection is another thing entirely.  That might require reworking the whole collection into new and updated books.

And I don’t know what to do about the comics.  Thousands of them that could surely be cataloged using today’s modern technology.  Except the very size of the collection presents its own daunting challenge.

If I can get past my inertia. I’m sure it will be fun to restart those various collections.  Just as soon as I blow off the decades of dust that has collected over them.

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