Cold weather has me by the short hairs


And now for something completely different. A short treatise on how cold weather has me by the short hairs.

Over the course of my youth and young adulthood, I battled my ultra-curly and ultra thick hair.

In a variety of ways, my hair gave me great challenges. At the same time, it also provided me with unique traits.

My hair never grew long, it only grew thicker. Think broccoli or trees or shrubs. The hair would grow out and curl in. Afro wouldn’t quite be the right word, but, as you can see in the

With Mom, the fuzzball era

photos, it’s close. “Hairball” might be the best description. “Frizzy” is another that comes to mind.

It was thick. It was springy. And it was also tough. It was where combs went to die. Only a full brush could make it through that jungle.

In those days, you could not see the floor when I went to the barber. Not for a good foot or two diameter around the chair. The broom was always nearby.

Then I went to work in Corporate America and before I left, a good portion of my hair left me (I managed to escape with my soul, though).

So, I was left with a lot of hair on the sides of my head

With Dad, during the mustache days

and some on top. But it was still curly and it was still frizzy. In order to avoid looking like Bozo the Clown, I began keeping my hair shorter.

But those unique hair properties remain and these days, during the colder weather, my natural static electricity (at a level just short of being able to wear spandex and have a catchy superhero name) makes even the shorter hair appear, well, different.

In this case, different is not a good look.

So, this last barber visit, I went for super short (see, I get a superhero name after all). Now, not even my static electric powers can cause these tiny short hairs to misbehave.

Of course, the beard is another issue, but that’s not temperature related. The cold only keeps my head by the short hairs.

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