Cloud nine (999,999,999 actually)


cloud nineWalking is an exalting exercise for me.

I’ve mentioned many times how it frees up my mind to wander in any direction, often times leading to unique ideas and thoughts that occasionally wind up being books.

Other times, it’s simply an enjoyment of the world around me and my ability to navigate that world on my own two feet.

A few mornings ago, I was coming around the bend of my early morning walk.  The sun was just beginning to rise over the cloud banks to the east, but the west was still pre-dawn dark and mostly cloudless.

One cloud caught my attention in the west.  It did not appear overly large or threatening and I wondered why my head turned towards it.  Seconds later, I had my answer.

The right side of the cloud lit up like a night-light and then resumed its dark silhouette in the sky.  A few moment later, it repeated its light display for me.

Summer storms are wondrous things.  Sitting out on the patio and watching a huge front roll by is an awesome sight.  The air smells different and it feels different.  It’s a totally absorptive moment.

Watching this cloud and its internal lightning was something similar.  The bolts did not travel below to the ground, but contained themselves within the cloud.  The brightness was astounding, lighting up the cloud against the dark western sky.  Unfortunately, it was a music-free walk day, so I did not have my trusty iPhone with me to capture the moment.  Just as well, I’m sure, for I could simply watch.

It’s just one of the reasons I so enjoy walking that early in the morning.  No such dramatic display would have been possible once the sun had fully risen.  I felt transported, if not to cloud nine, then certainly to a place of higher enrichment.

(For those of you who want the minutiae: a lightning bolt is roughly 1 billion volts, hence the 999,999,999).

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