Cleaned out is cleaned up


We’re back after a holiday-induced break.  Today’s topic wraps up the end of October nicely and brings us smack into the stretch run for the year.

Today marks the first day the house is finally “clean” since my return from the Grand Road Trip.  I use the quote marks around clean because the nasty stuff still remains (bathrooms and mopping), but for the most part, the house is back to normal.

Coming back from my vacation, I had to unpack all the stuff I had crammed into the storage room as protection against a hurricane while I was away.  I also had to get ready for Halloween and the annual Halloween BBQ.

By the time I was fully unpacked from the storage room, my workout room was stuffed with Halloween supplies and decorations, my patio was stuffed with multiple tables, chairs and BBQ equipment and my kitchen and dining room were stuffed with various food and supply items for the BBQ.

During the BBQ, I was forced to move a table inside for rain protection, making my empty living room area between couch and big screen TV a valuable commodity.  Since I was cooking in both the kitchen and the grill, I had stuff everywhere.  Likewise, there were people seated everywhere (dining room table, fold-out table in living room and patio table) as my attendance threatened to overwhelm my available space.

It took several days to remove the Halloween decorations (inside and out), clean up the patio and straighten and clean the house.  A benefit of the goody bags is that they significantly lighten my storage needs after Halloween.

Using some judicious finagling of the space in the storage room, I was able to put all the repacked Halloween stuff away plus store all the folding chairs (previously on the patio).  The result is a cleaner, more open patio.

I made no such changes inside the house, but the effect of everything being cleared out of the living room and workout room made it seem like the place was two sizes bigger.  Once I got the carpet sitting up properly after a lengthy vacuuming, I was quite content with the feeling of so much uncluttered space.

I admit, I am a minimalist.  I’m sure I would never get away with this much empty space if I were sharing the place with a “woman’s touch”.  For one thing, I can’t imagine she would let me get away with not having a coffee table.  And all my empty wall space?  No doubt art or other items would soon be hanging in what is currently open area.

But for now, in my little spartan home, I am happy to say everything is cleaned out and cleaned up.

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