Circle that day on the calendar

Circle that day on the calendar unless you want to forget birthdays and other important events like I have done this year.

Okay, I get it. I foresee many problems in my senior years. The evidence is undeniable. And it’s underlined by my need to circle that day on the calendar.

Missing that day on the calendar

I am often lauded for getting a card out to friends and family for their birthday or holidays.

But it’s not a gift. I simply have them written down. Both in my address book and on my electronic calendar.

For the computer-based one, I set a reminder two weeks in advance of the date, allowing for my usual procrastination. Thus, I seem to be quite thoughtful, when I’m just responding like a Pavlovian mutt.

Software has no brains

Much like, progressively it seems, myself.

I still use a program from Microsoft called Outlook. It’s a holdover from my many years in Corporate America and the almost universal adoption of the Office suite of products.

Now, it’s plain awful for mail, so I use a separate app for that, but I find it quite handy and, in fact, indispensable for calendar use.

However, it only does what I tell it to. And it, like me, has moments when it can forget.

New computers and old files

I backup my important computer files each month. I learned long ago that hunting down those calendar and mail files (buried in the “user/app” section of the C: drive) is critical to low blood pressure. Especially when updating to a new computer.

But, sometimes, things don’t seem quite as clean as they should be. Especially when syncing to my iPhone. Sometimes one program overwrites the other. Meh.

Circle of friends on the web

In the past, I’ve filled that gap by “cheating”. Using my Facebook page to let me know whose birthday it is.

But there are two problems with that solution. One, it only tells you on the actual day of their birthday. That means e-card or instant message only. Meh again.

Two, it only works if you go on Facebook regularly. Like, every day.

Unlike a calendar, the birthday doesn’t stay up there all month for you to look at and go “Oh #$!@! I need to get a card out!”. No, on Facebook, that reminder is gone the next day. Meh cubed.

Because I don’t go on Facebook unless I am doing a blog post and I don’t do those every day (never on the weekends).

Circle that day on the calendar

So, I see I am missing birthday greetings for some people. This is bad. For some reason, they’re not on my calendar. This is worse.

My brain, sadly, is not what it used to be (and it was never all that to begin with). I think this has been a bad year for me keeping up with my friends.

I always buy a stash of cards in excess of my needs. My patronizing of Hallmark yields me a variety of coupons and so I buy 10-15 cards at a time. The majority of those are birthday cards. (The majority of those are Shoebox, which is not surprising for anyone who knows me.)

But, a large stash doesn’t help if you don’t know when and to whom to send it out.

I just have to commit to writing more stuff down. As my brain cells continue to give up the ghost, I will need to redouble my efforts to circle that day on the calendar for each and every friend and family member.

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