Chickening out


jambalayaI feel like I’ve got three tons of boneless, skinless chicken breasts.

The dilemma with “family pack” sales for me is that I’m a family of one, but I just can’t resist those terrific meat prices.

Normally, I break down and separately wrap all my family packs, but for some reason I didn’t get to this massive package (it’s really only 6 pounds of chicken breasts, but that’s boneless, baby, and that’s a whole lotta chicken).

So, off to the internet to explore some new ways to cook up all that chicken.  Let’s see what we came up with.

Starting with the simple, some chicken fried rice is on tap for tonight.  Easy.

Next, a little more challenging, chicken vera cruz.  I’ve had it with fish and I think I’ll like it with chicken.

Finally, my hopeful masterpiece, jambalaya.  I need to get the andouille sausage and some nice sized shrimp (not going crawfish, sorry).  My desire is to make it truly spicy, since most restaurants in South Florida seem afeared to give it any bite.

That’s a lot of chicken cooking over the next few days, but it just so happens I have a lot of chicken handy.

It should be an exciting and tasty cooking adventure on these new dishes.  This is one time where I’m best served by chickening out!

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