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bbq chefCan I be any more self-absorbed than spending a whole week of blog posts on my birthday BBQ prep?

I think the answer to that has to be yes, but I vow to you this will be the last of the series and then we can get back to my randomly unrelated but possibly more interesting posts.

Cooking for a BBQ party is fun and challenging.  Trying to time out the meals to make sure the hot stays hot and the cold is cold is possibly bigger than the cooking part.  After all, how tough is it to cook a bunch of burgers and dogs.

Of course, I cook up a bunch more than that and even the burgers aren’t “just” burgers.  I (and you should, too) marinate the burgers (in my own confection) and give them ample time to soak in the marinade before cooking (as opposed to the ribs, which should not be marinated…use a dry rub, trust me).

Then there’s whatever oven/stove items I want to add (chicken wings or chicken parmesan for the poultry fans or sausage, onions and peppers for the spicy fans) and the non-meat (sort-of) options (probably a salmon salad, this time).

The thing about cooking at a BBQ (and probably goes for any party) is that people seem to apply the Corporate America rules of comment (what we used to call the “meeting after the meeting”).  I will never hear any of my friends or family tell me what wasn’t good and that’s bad.

At least with my books, there are readers who will post negative things about my writing (they’re all wrong, of course, but at least they say it).  In the rare chance that their criticism is valid, I will become a better writer because of it.

The same would hold for my cooking.  Granted, they are my friends and family, but who else can be honest with you, if not them?  Unless, of course, everything I cook is just delectable and there really is no room for complaint.  While I enjoy my own cooking, I can’t say I’ve never had a clunker before.

Ah well, I look forward to another BBQ filled with amazing compliments and satisfied guests.  And it’s just possible many of them will mean it!

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