Chasing the wind


chasing windHow can a person who babbles as much as me have such a hard time catching his breath?

I’m in the final stages of my “rehab” (hard to call it that when it’s only been 10 days since I injured my hamstring) and the combined exercises are something!

After today’s battery of efforts, I was left gasping like a fish flopping on the carpet (come to think of it, I may have even flopped on the carpet).  I then went out for a little walk (2 miles) to test the hammy.

No more than a quarter of the way through, I was panting again.  From only 10 days off?  Ridiculous!

I’m sure the combination of the hard exercises and this being the first extended physical action in nearly 2 weeks helped contribute.  I would like to say it was my age, but there are plenty of fit people at my age or older.

Maybe I just have tiny lungs?  I tend to get winded early in my physical activity.  On the plus side, I tend to catch a second wind much earlier and then I seem to be good for the day.

I can only shake my head and conclude that I don’t do (haven’t done) enough to build up my wind over the years.  Perhaps there’s more I could do now, even past 50, that could improve that condition, but I seem to be content not to chase the wind.

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