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charity caseI was chatting with my friend about the exemplary performance of one of my favorite companies (and large stock holding), Apple.  I mentioned if my other core holding had a similarly great announcement this afternoon, I was going to take a vacation.

When he asked where I would go, I popped out the “visit every baseball stadium in North America” trip.

We discussed a little stuff related to that for a bit when he suggested I use it as a method to garner charitable contributions for a worthy cause (similar to the walkathons and other travel-based charity events).

The idea appeals to me greatly.  I have a number of charities I support, mostly due to personal exposure.  My Mom died from cancer, my Grandpa passed from heart disease and my best friend has battled juvenile diabetes with her kids.

I am sobered, though, by my poor results marketing my books.  It seems dubious I could be effective drumming up support for charitable contributions for someone else when I’ve not shown any capacity to grow interest for my personal gain.

A possible solution may present itself by trying to do something in conjunction with a corporate partner.  Perhaps Subaru of America (the vehicle I will be traversing the thousands of miles within) or Major League Baseball might be interested in helping set up and publicizing my Baseball-a-thon charity.

I might not get to pick the charity in that case, but it would be a nice mitzvah in combination with my trip.

Since I’m doing the trip as a personal reward to me, I think it would be hypocritical for me to try to get my expenses covered, but adding a charity to my trip would make it even more fun and rewarding.

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