Challenging my waistline


Good gosh, the last day of April is upon me and I haven’t cooked anything this month! In order to hit my monthly cooking challenge, I needed a recipe fast. I have one, it’s just that it will be challenging my waistline.

Now, technically, I actually have cooked something this month. I made a new prime rib roast (after my disaster earlier this year). But, I know you peeps won’t let me get away with that. Heck, even I think that’s cheating.

But, cheat I eventually have. For my recipe, with only a day left, I opted for something ridiculously easy. Now, that doesn’t mean I am disappointed. Far from it. It’s something I absolutely love. And, I’ve never cooked it before.

It’s just that it is dangerous. It most surely will be challenging my waistline. Still, I have some backup for my choice. My list in this post clearly shows I wanted to cook brownies this year.

Plans are made to be broken!

Since I was short of time, I asked a lady home with me to help in the cooking. Though I thought I was being a gentleman, she asked me to stop calling her “Ms. Crocker”. Who knew?

Turns out, we got along great. Oh, sure, I needed to buy her a new baking pan, as I didn’t have one in the house. But, she and I were able to make do with everything else I owned. I am remanded, however, to pick up a baking spatula or spreader. On my wish list!

Of course, the danger with picking up more baking supplies is the temptation to…bake more. As you can see by that earlier list, cupcakes are also on it.

Should I choose to go down that path, my cooking challenge will do even more damage in challenging my waistline.

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