Celebrating things we all agree on


There’s plenty of disturbing news in the air. Here. Abroad. Some of it will even reach this blog. But not today. Today, I only want to express one sentiment. There is time enough for the things that separate us. For now, how about celebrating things we all agree on.

Regardless of where you stand versus immigration, foreign powers or keeping America safe, I feel like I’m not overreaching when I say that saving lives is one of the things we all agree on.

Especially children, right? So, the story of the trapped soccer team and their coach is a story we can all celebrate, now that it has a happy ending.

Beyond the wonderful rescue of all 13 trapped people, it is the way they were rescued that is so heartwarming. People and offers of help came from all over. Regardless of borders or political leanings.

Nationality, religion, prejudice. None of these frequent barriers to peaceful relations held any strength against the best angels of humanity: the desire to help the endangered.

The result should have been predicted by all. Despite the terrible challenges and natural threats, very little stands against the positive will of mankind united. Twelve boys and one adult are alive today as testament to what good we can accomplish together.

This is who we are. Truly. That we lose track of it due to disagreements over specific issues or labels is a source of dismay, but not despair. For this week has also reminded us of what our better selves look like.

If possible, before sending off that vitriolic social media post or entering into another emotionally partisan debate, think on this particular event and its miraculous outcome. Just a few moments of your day to stop and consider.

We should take the time to be celebrating things we all agree on.

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