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The dilemma of being needed

Like many people, I’ve taken away a lot of lessons from my working life.

One of the first ones I learned was the more work you do, the more you get. My elder niece is struggling with that realization these … Read the rest

I’m not preaching…

…I’m just having a conversation here!

A thought burbled up while I was shaving the other day, “I wonder if people think I’m being preachy in some of my posts?”

If you’re wondering why I would be thinking that instead … Read the rest

That’s so sweet

I was feeling pretty good about the state of my Halloween preparations, with almost all of my decorations done and my goody bags complete. I might even say I was feeling smug.

And then I remembered. I still had to … Read the rest

That’s not what I do

Having just muddled through the taxes of a family member once again (this time my sister’s), it is with some amusement I recall how often I am called upon to do that which I do not do.

It’s something you … Read the rest

Taxing my patience

I’ve finally come to those paradoxical and confounding years where the only thing left to me is to pay taxes. Gone forever is that exciting surprise and eager waiting for the check (or direct deposit) of a refund from the … Read the rest