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The weird and wonderful world of online commerce

My Dad called me the other day to talk about many things, as sons and Dads do.  Amongst those varied topics was his confusion over the Amazon listing of my book.  He asked about the used copies of my book already “for sale” and wondered about that and their prices.  I informed him of the… Read more »

“Waddya mean by ‘hi’?”

Publishing a blog created an interesting question for me:  Was I still allowed to voice an opinion?  Stay with me, it’s not as obvious an answer as it appears. Even the youngest of you reading this have noticed the extreme sensitivity everyone has these days to, well, just about anything.  In my lifetime…let me digress… Read more »

The blog with no name

I was a bit trepidatious (sorry, I get paid by the letter) at having another blog about names so quickly after the last, but as you will shortly see, it’s a totally different tack, so I’m thinking you’ll allow me the redundancy.  Although, let’s be serious, it’s hardly a pitchfork-and-torch offense.  Still, I wanted to… Read more »