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Deciding what not to post

Blogging every day is tough.

I’ve mentioned this a few times over the seven years I’ve been at this. Coming up with something every day is really tough. Coming up with something interesting every day is impossible.

Which is why … Read the rest

It’s all about me

When this blog was first created, it was because of my books.

There was no way, I was told, a writer could succeed in today’s market without a web and social media presence.

Fair enough, but even back then I … Read the rest

I’m not preaching…

…I’m just having a conversation here!

A thought burbled up while I was shaving the other day, “I wonder if people think I’m being preachy in some of my posts?”

If you’re wondering why I would be thinking that instead … Read the rest

Good grief, what a mess

Seven years.

Seven years I’ve been manning this website and doing just fine as editor, writer, blogger, graphics designer, publisher, administrator and webmaster.

Until Tuesday.

After years of (mostly) trouble-free webmastering (look, ma, a new verb!) the website, I managed … Read the rest

I can only take 4 days off

We interrupt this series of politically inspired posts to talk about something I observed yesterday.

On the very last day of 2010, the first post on my website blog was made. It was always my intent to make the blog … Read the rest

I can’t hear you

I do a good job of keeping politics out of my public exposure.

Rarely do I post a blog related to politics. On Facebook, those types of posts are among the few I actually hide from my news feed when … Read the rest

Escaping the trap

‘Twas the morning of Christmas

And all through the dark,

Not a creature was stirring

But me on my walk.


Shortly into my journey,

As is often my way,

I began composing my blog

To post later that day.… Read the rest