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Mother Nature is giving me the bird everyday

What’s the beef here? I’m a good doobie. I recycle my recyclables. And I wait until I have full loads before washing dishes or clothes. So what did I do to justify why Mother Nature is giving me the bird everyday? Giving me the hand that I’m dealt I didn’t build this house. And, it… Read more »

Wait’ll they get a load of me

I’ve got it. By Jove, I’ve got it. Of course, it may be impossible to pull off, but if I do, well, wait’ll they get a load of me! Halloween is over, the wait for next Halloween begins As usual, my fertile mind doesn’t rest long post-Halloween before I start running through potential concepts for… Read more »

Throwing some shade

Don’t let the headline fool you, this is a post about technology. And, I suppose, it’s also about getting what you pay for. In a good way. So, really, though the headline is applicable, this may feel like anything but throwing some shade. So, first let’s set some common background information. I live in South Florida…. Read more »

No self-indulgence today, thank you.

“I’ve been of an odd mood over the last week or so.” That’s how my post for today originally began.  I deleted the rest of the writing. Whatever the cause of my somber state of the last week, I was going to post about it today when I realized it is incredibly self-involved and narcissistic to do… Read more »

Roll up your window!

It was a beautiful day.  A rare day.  Somehow, the constant rain had forgotten to show up and I was coming back from a terrific day of writing at the beach in front of sun-dappled waters.  I was enjoying the day so much I had the windows down and the moon roof open.  Nature itself… Read more »

Kid in a candy shop

Yesterday, I posted comparing my sunburned complexion with Atomic Fireballs candy.  Today, a comment on that post gave me the idea for today’s blog (can you say “Circle of Life”, Simba?).  It also reminded me that I haven’t done a theme week in a while, so welcome to “Nostalgia Week”.  Even you young whippersnappers may… Read more »