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GNABRT Day 68 & 69 (combo) – Braving the home run

We bring you a double-header in today’s Great North American Baseball Road Trip blog post.  First, we catch up with the Braves game from yesterday that ended so late I could not get to the post.  Then we talk about the return to the GNABRT roots.  In both cases, “home run” played a critical role…. Read more »

GNABRT Day 65 – What went wrong

As mentioned in yesterday’s blog, today was a short trip Southwest to Mooresville (still in North Carolina) to reacquaint with a University of Florida comrade (and meet his post-UF family).  A nice casual dinner was planned after first stopping by his house. It was more like getting acquainted, since my memory of people and particulars… Read more »

GNABRT Day 63 – The wind down

Travel day to North Carolina as the Great North American Baseball Road Trip is finished with the Great North and doesn’t have any Baseball for a bit. That leaves only American and Road Trip, which ultimately means American roads, which ultimately means traffic jams, construction and, sadly, accidents. We’ll do city stuff tomorrow, after I… Read more »