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I didn’t like my roofer’s work, so I hired a pediatrician

I get it. Well, I get some of it. Tired. Frustrated. Angry. As in, “Why can’t anyone in Washington do their darn job?” Hey, you don’t have to tell me twice. I’m down here in South Florida where the nationally famous mosquitoes live. Instead of simply coming up with money to support the study and… Read more »

Donald Trump is making up ground

You may start to pout You may want to cry You may begin to shout I’m telling you why Donald Trump is making up ground.   He’s checking his polls He’s checking them twice And even though they still Don’t look all that nice Donald Trump is making up ground.   He sees you when… Read more »

Are you old enough to vote?

Raise your hand if you agree that’s a dumb question. Hmm. Okay, raise your hand if you never even think about it. Hmm. The polls seem skewed. First, a little background before I get on my ol’ flimsy upturned fruit crate… Back from when, the constitutional voting age was 21. For Federal elections, that is…. Read more »

Women are weaklings

I’m so glad America is fed up with political correctness so we can get this out in the open once and for all. It’s always been tiptoed around because “politeness” demanded no one actually say what was fact: women are weaklings. I know it’s true because Donald Trump says so. Now, hold on. Before you… Read more »

Party time

Where are their heads at? I’ve taken enough shots at the leading candidates in this year’s Presidential race, it’s time to tackle the Big Two parties. Like it or not, and for as long as we can see, Democrats and Republicans decide who is going to be your president. Independent voters may swing the race,… Read more »

Make Joe proud again

(Beginning my new policy of keeping political posts down to every other day, at most) “Make America Great Again” For a year now, I’ve puzzled over that last word. What “again” was Mr. Trump referring to? Was it the early 20th century, when my Grandpa immigrated from Russia to New York and built a modest… Read more »

Aw, I was just kidding

When I was young, I was picked on in school. Not all the time. Perhaps because, despite being scrawny and nerdy, I liked playing sports and was decent at them. You don’t get picked on as much if you’re decent at sports. But, being scrawny and nerdy, I still got picked on. For being scrawny… Read more »

Good gosh, just let it go!

Considering my previous posts, I’ll bet you think this one is about the Republican presidential nominee, right? To be sure, his inability to let even the slightest perceived slight go without response would seem to make him a prime target for such a headline. But… This one is actually about the Democratic presidential nominee and her… Read more »

Spare some change?

(Sorry for the skipped day. All I will say is that I’d rather have been blogging. Believe me.) Okay ladies and gents, boys and girls, pets and farm animals, let’s talk change! Everybody wants change (except when they don’t) and this election is all about change, even if it’s change for change’s sake. Please remember,… Read more »

Eyes wide shut

Seriously, what are people thinking? Based on what people say when a stranger asks them on the phone, 40% of America wants Donald Trump to be our next president. People must view their personal situation as so dire, so desperate, that they hope for “change” no matter what the cost. But people have to squeeze their eyes shut and hum loudly to drown… Read more »