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How great must it be to be a talking head

They’re never wrong. Seriously. They make claims and predictions based on their knowledge and if events don’t turn out as they predicted, well, they were either misunderstood, misquoted or we’re living in the most rare and exceptional time…ever. It’s always going to be rough during an election year. Talking heads from cable news, political parties… Read more »

Land of the free and home of the brave (remember?)

We have always lived in troubled times. The history of mankind could easily be painted as a constant series of terrible acts, perpetrated by man unto another, writ small and large over the years. It could just as easily be shown as the heart and compassion of mankind to join together and combat the terror… Read more »

Theory of relativity

The recently passed, but still echoing, Republican debate sparked some random thoughts as I was walking this morning.  I guess it was a “soaker”, something that needed time to seep in. As I considered the candidates and their various personas they projected (intentional or otherwise), one particular candidate struck me as being over-severe. I will… Read more »

Is history history?

It’s been a fun ride recently.  My Florida hometown college hoops team made it to the Sweet 16 of the NCAA Tournament, my Florida alma mater also made it to the Sweet 16 and my Florida hometown NBA team just completed a 27-game winning streak, which marks it as 2nd longest among the four major… Read more »

Ignorance is arrogance

In a world where there are no absolutes (don’t give me death and taxes, I could argue both of them), there is actually one thing every person on earth absolutely has:  an opinion. Oh sure, it may not be a strong one or a convicted one or even an important one, but it’s for darn… Read more »

What exactly IS the First Amendment?

South Florida is well-known as a melting pot of cultures and perspectives.  Today our pot has moved from melting to boiling. The short of it:  the new manager of the Miami Marlins caused a bit more than a stir when he was quoted in Time Magazine as saying he “loved” Fidel Castro.  He attempted to… Read more »

Budget by default

Through the first seven months of this blog, there has yet to be a post on a political topic.  That is by design, obviously, though perhaps not because of what you would expect. While politics, like religion, tends to be a polarizing subject capable of generating extreme and emotional points of view, I don’t see… Read more »