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Lend me a fiver

Alright, let’s break from the political blather for something completely different. Earlier this week, I went with my friend and her 5-year old grandson to the Museum of Discovery and Science, just down the way in the center of Ft. Lauderdale. I accompanied her ostensibly as support for a 5-year old boy set loose amidst… Read more »

Slimming down for Valentine’s Day

My last batch of Valentine’s Day cards are winging their USPS-loving way to their local destinations (distant locations were mailed days ago). With that, my Hallmark moments are nearly complete. In the time between now and soon-to-be, I have some hours to reflect on the changing nature of Valentine’s Day for me over the many… Read more »

My problem keeping it up

I know, I know, this is probably a bit to personal for a public blog, especially considering the promise I made yesterday. But let’s face it, there aren’t that many people who read this thing and getting it all out there (no potentially inappropriate innuendo intended) might provide me the self-therapy I need. This may… Read more »

Breaking up is easy to do

The unwinding of the Great North American Baseball Road Trip continues. Before I left on my grand journey, I puzzled over how to deliver the posts and blogs I planned on making throughout the trip.  I didn’t want to copy them and paste them in multiple media (Facebook, Twitter, my website, etc.). A solution presented… Read more »

GNABRT Day 58 – Well Met(s)

Game 25 on the Great North American Baseball Road Trip was in Citi Field, the “other” New York team. The location presented a dilemma.  The hotel was set up for me to walk to Yankee stadium (and be cheap and have free parking).  The distance to Citi Field was too far to walk under normal… Read more »