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Thoughts on Valentine’s Day

It’s been a while since I posted about Valentine’s Day, with some valid reasons, but long-time readers know it holds a special place for me. There is the unique connection between Valentine’s Day and my Mom. There is the unique connection between Valentine’s Day and my Grandma. There is the unique connection between Valentine’s Day… Read more »


One last time, I suggest before you read this post that you zip through the first post this week (kindly linked for you), so you are prepared for the self-indulgent drivel below. On the plus side, this is the last time you will see this type of warning. There are many things which you will be good… Read more »


Hold it! Before you read today’s post, go back and read yesterday’s post. I’ll wait. You’re really going through with this? Fine, I wash my hands…this is all self-inflicted from here. The coming of the new year is a time for resolutions for most of us, even if we don’t always call them that. It’s no different… Read more »

Turkey day every day

A not-quite lifetime ago, I awaited the holidays with a mixture of eagerness and solemnity (25¢ word!). My excitement, of course, was knowing I would get time off from work (except when I worked retail). My solemnity would come as I grew thoughtful and pensive during the holidays, a time for consideration and introspection for… Read more »


Just over two weeks from now, my Dad and Stepmom will celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary. I think that’s phenomenal. Not because it’s especially rare, (his Dad and Mom were up to 65 years together when Grandpa died), but because it’s so often unnoticed. It struck me most clearly with the hullabaloo this week over a… Read more »

Where there’s no will, there’s no way

So. The mind is an extraordinary creation. It can write sonnets and symphonies and imagine the light bulb and the silicon chip. It can also cause doubt and deception. This past week, a close friend (and once, more than a friend) suffered a tragic end to her life. It was the very definition of tragedy:… Read more »

Dog days

(Now that the website is back from the dead, I can continue my new policy of no political posts on successive days) Bless ’em, they keep trying. I’ve mentioned my good friends with the two relatively (5 and 1) new grandkids in the blog many a time, the last being here. In fact, our tale… Read more »

Lend me a fiver

Alright, let’s break from the political blather for something completely different. Earlier this week, I went with my friend and her 5-year old grandson to the Museum of Discovery and Science, just down the way in the center of Ft. Lauderdale. I accompanied her ostensibly as support for a 5-year old boy set loose amidst… Read more »

Slimming down for Valentine’s Day

My last batch of Valentine’s Day cards are winging their USPS-loving way to their local destinations (distant locations were mailed days ago). With that, my Hallmark moments are nearly complete. In the time between now and soon-to-be, I have some hours to reflect on the changing nature of Valentine’s Day for me over the many… Read more »