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Music drives me

Or, more accurately, music walks me, but that’s just not as sexy a title.

In this case, though, music writes me, as I welcome you to a cornucopia of musically influenced random ramblings.

Maestro, if you please…

You cannot be … Read the rest

Fast or slow?

In my recent attempts to answer that question, I’ve determined a couple of key clues:

– Age has nothing to do with it

– State of mind has everything to do with it

You might think, from the feature image … Read the rest

My bad

As frequently happens, my daily walk provided fodder for another blog post.

Last week, as I dodged the myriad flying buzzing things on my walk, I had two near collisions with cars not looking both ways.

The first was less … Read the rest

Momentary thrill; Lifetime regret

I’m totally with you. I love it, too.

Few things in life beat the thrill of speed. For me, it’s on the water, in an airboat slicing through the Everglades or in a fishing boat shooting out from the Keys.… Read the rest

That’s not right

Day two of resting the left arm and hand.

Strength is returning fairly swiftly, though there is still some quavering when holding a full glass.

Today coincided with my trip to the barber, a roughly 40-minute drive. This presented a … Read the rest