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Collecting dust

During the weekly Sunday visit from my elder nieceling, she mentioned that when (if?) she moved out of her Mom’s house, she might need a temporary staging area for her “stuff” until she settled in.  Naturally, she asked about my “spare” room. Technically, it’s my workout room, but I hardly use the Bowflex anymore.  It… Read more »

Goodbye Mr. Spalding

It’s been asked why I am planning this Great North American Baseball Road Trip and there is an answer.  Take a look at this nugget I dug out of my old MySpace blog from “way” back in 2010:   It’s baseball season again. Hoo hah! As I attended my 8th or 9th consecutive home opener… Read more »

Merry Melodies

When I was little, the cartoons were quite different from today.  Without getting into a debate over which cartoons were “better”, I’ll just say that among my favorites was “Merry Melodies”, which was a Warner Brothers creation. Often, the ‘toons would take a famous song or orchestral work and set the cartoon to the music, with… Read more »

Falling into an old conversation

My friend and I continue to work on our seminar for high school kids to prepare them for the big decisions facing them in rapid succession (and before they know it). It’s been coming along nicely and now we work on the toughest part:  making the presentation relevant and attention-capturing for an age far removed… Read more »

The end of the string?

When I was growing up, I liked most green vegetables.  At the time, I was not so fond of brussel sprouts (love ’em, now), but I was game for everything else. Some of those green vegetables came in cans, most often Del Monte Peas (regular and Le Seur) and green beans (preferably cut, but occasionally… Read more »

Turning the page

Appropriately titled and appropriately delayed (it’s always hard to let go of the past), it’s the final day of Nostalgia Week!  Today, let’s take a trip to do some shopping at soon-to-be memories stores of my youth.     The record store Long before CD’s were sold in your supermarket, heck, long before they were… Read more »

“Don’t touch that dial!”

We interrupt Nostalgia Week for a word about cleaning the patio. Yuck. On to day three!  As you might surmise from the vintage tube-TV to the left, today’s wanderings take us through some classic TV programs of my youth.  Mind you, with exploding cable networks starving for content, you’ve got a lot of old TV… Read more »

Toys for tots

Welcome to day 2 of “Nostalgia Week”. Back before alliterative charities for donating toys, the headline term simply referred to the amusements around the house for the kiddies.  Let’s walk down a little of my memory lane and see what I played with.  If there’s a bit of a leaning towards crafts, well, that’s to… Read more »

Kid in a candy shop

Yesterday, I posted comparing my sunburned complexion with Atomic Fireballs candy.  Today, a comment on that post gave me the idea for today’s blog (can you say “Circle of Life”, Simba?).  It also reminded me that I haven’t done a theme week in a while, so welcome to “Nostalgia Week”.  Even you young whippersnappers may… Read more »