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Best 70 bucks I’ve ever spent!

I’m in love! Ok, with some of my friends it would not be safe to have those two lines next to each other, but I know you readers think cleaner thoughts. Last year, my internet provider, Comcast, made me an offer I couldn’t refuse, switching me to their xfinity triple-play package at a cost that… Read more »

The Fifth Element

The title of the post refers to the movie of the same name, a fun picture I recommend highly for some good science fiction, tongue-in-cheek humor and neat special effects.  If you put Blade Runner on one end of the spectrum and Galaxy Quest on the other (leaving out Spaceballs entirely), I would say this… Read more »

None shall pass

(Click the image for some fun viewing and mood setting and then come back here for the rest of the story!)   Writing is funky.  Well, I can say that for me…I can only assume it’s likewise funky for many of the other authors out there. Sometimes, the ideas and words come so swiftly, my… Read more »

Looking for a hero? Try a sandwich shop!

You won’t find one in modern entertainment. Having just reread a fantasy book of massive proportions (popularity and pages), in conjunction with the sum total of various movies that I’ve gone to this year, it has become clear that the definition of “hero” has been blurred so much as to not exist in popular fiction…. Read more »

Bring out your dead

Okay, now that you’re through viewing the link, let’s get to what spurs this sideways reference to the great Monty Python movie “Monty Python and the Holy Grail” (probably my second favorite comedy of all time). My publisher posted a link recently about Scarlett Johansson bringing suit against an author (and publisher) for a fictional… Read more »

What do you plan to watch this summer?

Yesterday, I got treated to the new Star Trek movie.  It was the sequel to the remake of the reboot.  I enjoyed it on one level and was “meh” on another. The one-liners, back references and “winks” to old-timers was cute and kept me engaged.  The rehash of a plotline from 45 years ago…not so… Read more »

Great expectations

My niece called me today to warn me.  She and her sister had gone to see the early premiere of Iron Man 3.  These used to be at midnight, but this was at 9:30 p.m.  — doesn’t that lose part of the coolness? Regular readers will immediately twig on the fact that this must be my elder niece,… Read more »

3D or no 3D…that is the headache

<Humble apologies to the Bard, for mangled paraphrasing> Tuesday is usually “Niece Day”, where my older niece visits and we spend the day hanging out.  That’s routinely some activity (tennis or walking), some lunch and a movie (theater or my 60″ flat screen). We didn’t get to see Oblivion, as originally planned so she chose… Read more »