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A friendly game?

A few weeks ago, two of my tennis buddies and I were chewing the fat over this and that, as we do most days after playing.  By some random occurence, the conversatin shifted to poker, of which all three of us had some previous experience, with one of the three being part of a current… Read more »

Living in poverty

What a surprise I received this morning while reading the newspaper…I am living in poverty! This is not to make light of the very real problems people are facing right now amidst a prolonged economic downturn.  I’ll speak more on this in a moment, but I want to touch on the subject specifically mentioned in… Read more »

It’s all about sales

As I was thinking through today’s post, which we’ll get to shortly, I came to realize a certain truth underlying my original topic, thus causing me to change the title to the header you just read. Whether it’s serpents and apples, employees and raises, kids and toys or businesses and products, it’s always been about… Read more »

Teach your children well

What the hey, why not end the week with another song-inspired headline? A friend and I have been working on and off for the past year at developing the skeleton of a training program/class/seminar on Financial Literacy. The subject is one we both find critically important.  Given the startling level of personal debt in this… Read more »

Budget by default

Through the first seven months of this blog, there has yet to be a post on a political topic.  That is by design, obviously, though perhaps not because of what you would expect. While politics, like religion, tends to be a polarizing subject capable of generating extreme and emotional points of view, I don’t see… Read more »

world backwards a in live We

Do as I say, not as I do. Shoot first, ask questions later. Hurry up, the light turned yellow! Have you noticed how backward our world is?  Today, I thought we’d gab about one of the things that strikes me as one of the most backwards of all:  insurance. Insurance, in a nutshell, is us… Read more »