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Rule Britannia!

“Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold; Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world.”

When Yeats wrote that, just a few years before his homeland would separate from the UK as the Republic of Ireland, he was speaking in terms … Read the rest

Trade-in value

Continuing with “Controversy Week” on the JMD blog, prompted by the head-scratching presidential nomination process this year…

It appears there’s one thing every candidate agrees on this year:  free trade deals are the root of all evil.

To properly examine … Read the rest

What’s in your wallet?

Never mind life expectancy, how’s your financial expectancy?

In between the insults, disinformation and obfuscation during the presidential election process, occasionally an issue is accidentally discussed.

As we get nearer to the general election, where both sides need to reach … Read the rest

Pounding the self-fulfilling prophecy drum

Before he was a tennis champion, Andre Agassi was famous for more flash than success. His iconic series of advertisements with the tag “Image is everything” epitomized that era.

These days, we face a troubling echo of that slogan, more … Read the rest