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Thinking about thinking

Okay, two political posts is my limit for the week. Any more than that and I’ll be changing the name of the blog from “Ramblings” to “Grumblings”. I think it’s time for a change. Of course, that’s actually the problem. Thinking. Or, more accurately, thinking about thinking. Here’s the deal. Basically, I think I think… Read more »

I should have been a bug

Little did I know when I penned the amorous adventures of Jeremy with the Queen Ant that I would one day be the subject of life imitating art. I’ve always been on good terms with insects. We get along well. Ants, dragonflies, even spiders. Mosquitoes positively adore me. And now, it seems I have a… Read more »

This is why it costs less to have no ambition…

Despite pre-announcements, I’ve decided to let the Jamaican jerk chicken experiment marinate until this evening, precluding posting results here. In the spirit of good faith, I provide you with this related post. Now, read on… My retirement is so much more secure when I am without ambitions. As you all know (and if you don’t,… Read more »

Sometimes I have to look for the weird

And sometimes it just comes to me. For example, in the last two days, I received two new reviews of my first book, “What if?”. In one, the reviewer takes me to task for unbelievable dialogue while the other lauds me for its correctness. One was disappointed and the other pleased (yet the ratings only… Read more »

Lace me up

Time for another in my series of blogs about evil clothing items. Okay, maybe not really a series. I guess two blogs is not enough to call a series. So, let’s just call it the follow-on to my previous diatribe on annoying clothing items. Today’s outrage is over shoelaces. Specifically, shoelaces that are too long…. Read more »

Miss Communication

Yeah, I know what you’ve been thinking.  Every day it’s the same thing.  Over and over about his road trip.  Doesn’t he have anything else to post about? Well, bunky, not for the next two months (and change).  But fear not, for lest you old-timers forget or newcomers be unaware, there’s a whole bunch of… Read more »

My swiss cheese brain

You know how it is.  You try to remember something and you just draw a blank. Even before I crafted words as a writer, I was careful to choose the precise words needed to clearly describe, detail or answer a situation. It’s immensely frustrating to be involved in a conversation and suddenly be without the… Read more »

The break up

Maybe you’ve been lucky.  Maybe you’re not one of us.  But most of us have had at least one break up in our lives. They can be messy.  They can be emotional.  The effects can linger for so long. “Breaking up is hard to do” go the lyrics, but that’s not always the case. Take my… Read more »

She’s hot!

We’re having one of our rare cold snaps down here…temperatures actually dipped into the 40’s (brrr-time getting the paper this morning). One good thing about the cold (correction, the ONLY good thing about the cold) is that I can dig out the beloved little packets of Swiss Miss Hot Chocolate and brew myself a mug…. Read more »