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The record shows, I took the blows

And the blows win. Long ago I posted a tirade about my evil oak tree and its daily dumpings on my front patio.  That’s the injury. More than once a month, I get the insult added to my travails.  The landscapers for the development go through and beautify the place (cutting grass, trimming edges and pruning… Read more »

At least I am thorough

It’s holiday time! As a single guy, that means I get invited to other people’s homes for dinners and stuff.  Even though I’m not hosting anyone, I still like my place looking clean for the holidays. Of course, liking it looking clean and liking cleaning it are two dramatically separate things, as I’ve said many times… Read more »

Dishwashing blues

I’m not one for attaching myself to inanimate objects.  I don’t have a pet name for my car, nor do I give it a pronoun.  That doesn’t mean I don’t have a great appreciation for items that perform well and last a long time (think clean thoughts). Such is my opinion of my kitchen appliances,… Read more »

Life after Death

‘Tis the season, indeed! The next six weeks are traditionally reserved for holidays around families.  While being single and never married means I don’t have my own little fireplace gathering (as if we need fireplaces in South Florida), I still have family to spend the holidays with. Despite many tales of cheer revolving around my family… Read more »

It’s so true…great beauty equals high maintenance

Nah, chill out, I’m not off on a sexist rant.  It’s all inanimate today. Having just finished cleaning the kitchen, it occurred to me that the prettiest things in life take the highest maintenance. I have a magnificent set of stainless steel appliances in my kitchen.  These are top O’ the line LG beauties, including… Read more »

Called on the carpet

There are numerous advantages to living alone; I’ve certainly gone over a few in previous posts. One of those that played out today is how clean it is not to have kids, pets or just about anything else in the house. Still, twice a year (for my birthday and Halloween), I hold a big BBQ/party… Read more »

That’s not right

According to information I just Googled (I still hesitate to call it “facts”, even though we all know that everything on the internet is true), lefties comprise only 10% of the population.  Oddly, the same information suggests righties don’t make the remaining 90%.  Part of the rest is made up of “multi-handers” (as opposed to… Read more »

Don’t be cruel

I have come to the conclusion that I am a cruel person.  Not as cruel as some of you, perhaps, but more than enough for a guilty conscience. The revelation came to me after an innocuous Facebook conversation about our least favorite insects.  Sometime after our one-upping each other on the copious amounts of insecticide… Read more »

Crimping my style

What determines style?  Why does that determination so often conflict with usefulness? For many years now, towels have been manufactured with those useless “crimps” at the end of them.  They don’t absorb anything, they’re rough and uncomfortable and they shrink and wrinkle in the wash, making a flat fold or hang of your towel nearly… Read more »

I mean, it’s only a BBQ…

Ugh. My aversion to (despising of?) cleaning must now face the head-on battle with my upcoming birthday BBQ.  That means, as I stare out my sliding glass doors into my patio, I see great evil in my future. The first issue is the grill.  I don’t grill every day, but I grill every week, often… Read more »