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That’s a wrap – 2015

Time for the annual post-Halloween wrap-up. What was good, what was bad and what’s next. Looking at the whole of the Halloween season, I can’t really find anything that falls in the “bad” category. That’s pretty incredible, considering everything that can go wrong, so we start out already in a good place. Let’s look at the… Read more »

Wait until next year

Heh. It’s not even Halloween yet and I’m already percolating ideas for next year’s display. I parked the car in a guest spot so I could check out this year’s layout to make sure it’s offering maximum effect as kids/parents walk by/up. As I gazed on my open driveway, I was taken by how much… Read more »


We’re at one week and counting, so it’s time to pull out the remaining supplies and finish off the Halloween display. That means…webs! I’ve decided on a different look for the front this year and it requires a new thought process on the webs to accent the show. Instead of a whole front covered in… Read more »

Never-ending battle

I will not go down without a fight. And neither will my decorations! There is an inherent danger in setting up for the holidays early; in my case, Halloween. Foremost on the threat list is the Florida weather. October has been a bad month for tropical storms and even without one, we tend to get… Read more »

Inflated ego

There’s no point in denying it. I love showing off for Halloween. I stand by my contention that I do it all for the kids, though. It’s not at all about me. But that doesn’t mean I can’t have fun. Decorating the house for Halloween has matured into a methodical and logical process. It first… Read more »

Beachfront property

September is shortly gone and that means it’s time to get my new beach pass. I’ve been “locked out” of the beach since the beginning of the year.  Part of that time was taken up with my Great North American Baseball Road Trip, but even had I not left, I was punished for owning a… Read more »

Cloud nine (999,999,999 actually)

Walking is an exalting exercise for me. I’ve mentioned many times how it frees up my mind to wander in any direction, often times leading to unique ideas and thoughts that occasionally wind up being books. Other times, it’s simply an enjoyment of the world around me and my ability to navigate that world on… Read more »

That was sweaty!

As far back as I can remember, I always wanted to own a home with a garage.  Most of that reason was for somewhere to put my car in the summer.  I may like the heat, but I don’t like what it does to car interiors.  100+ degrees and everything burns (hands, legs, you name… Read more »

Guess who’s coming to dinner

I’m not a worrier, so when I left for my 2 1/2 month Great North American Baseball Road Trip, I made what I deemed to be appropriate precautions and headed out from my home during the beginning of hurricane season. In the ensuing months, nary a hint of a threat appeared in the tropics or… Read more »