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If a hermit talks in a cave, does he make any sound?

I had the elder nieceling over yesterday to work on potential employment solutions along with the sundry accessories that go with such endeavors (resume, cover letter, etc.). It was a full day, with only a break for a stop at the thrift store and lunch with the grandparents to interrupt what I classify as a… Read more »

Why can’t a thing just be a thing?

We just talked about my plans to take a monster road trip with the new vehicle once it arrives.  Well, soon after.  I’ll need to break it in a little and spend a whole mess of time learning all the features that have been added to cars in the 10 years I’ve been living in… Read more »

You should write a book about THAT!

When my first book was published, friends and family looked on it as an oddity; another affectation of the strange person that is me. When my second book was published, friends and family began to get the impression that writing was more than “just a fling”. After my third book was published, my friends and… Read more »

Getting an earful

Had a lunch and miscellaneous day with Dad yesterday.  A “miscellaneous day” is characterized by riding around town doing multiple errands. Dad took the wheel this time, as he wanted to get his car washed.  After a nice lunch (Five Guys!) and the requisite wash, we got down to his main shopping desire:  finding a… Read more »

What to do when alone on Christmas

For the first time in a decade, I will not be spending Christmas in Las Vegas with my best friend and her family. The reasons for this shocking occurrence are many and varied, including my body’s exponentially growing intolerance to cold (maddening). Regarding my family, times being hard, my sister opted to work Christmas day… Read more »

It’s not always black and white

The saga of Jeffrey’s Next Car continues with today’s official test drive of the Subaru Legacy Limited. Nice car.  Really nice. It took considerable willpower not to sign a deal today after some aggressive pricing and a solid trade-in offer.  Still, I can’t just throw away 20 years of loyalty without even giving Toyota a chance… Read more »

An artful life

Another “blast from the past” out of my old MySpace blogs.  Read on…   Today, I’ll relate to you some more color on a point I made many posts ago about having a family with a creative bent. Let’s select a few of the members and take a look at what I meant. Starting out with… Read more »

Passing mustard

Today is my Dad’s 85th birthday, but we celebrated with a true surprise birthday party this past Saturday.  It was actually for both my Dad and Step-mom, since her birthday is on the 1st and Dad’s is one week later. The idea was my cousin’s and he had me coordinate the immediate family (my sister,… Read more »


Hey, if they can rehash old TV series into $11 a seat movies, then I can get away with rehashing some posts from old blog spots. I came across a treasure trove of old blog posts when I inadvertently logged onto MySpace for the first time in, gosh, maybe six years.  Turns out, it’s a music… Read more »

What do you want to be when you grow up?

This Sunday, elder nieceling comes to visit. Weather permitting, we’ll start the day with a long walk, then come back and hang out, maybe watch a movie on the big TV and meet the grandparents for lunch. In and around all that, we’ll look for a job.  Well, a job for her.  Well, a different job… Read more »