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Turtle healing

“Age is only a number”

Heh. Humans say the funniest things.

During my morning stretching exercises prior to walking, I realized my lower back was not hurting me any more. This was the first time since Halloween clean-up that I … Read the rest

Countdown to horror

October 1st is this Saturday. That will be the official kick-off of my 2016 Halloween preparations.

I’ve finished painting the edging stones and I am pleased with how they look, albeit now slightly concerned that they may not be sufficiently … Read the rest

I knew I could…I knew I could…

Here, Sisyphus, you can have your stone back…I’m done.

I’m done!

The journey that began (with extraordinary synchronicity) exactly one month ago here and then continued two weeks later here is now completed.

My comic books are now all newly … Read the rest