Catching the wave


catching the waveI’d forgotten.

For the longest time, maybe 15 or 20 years, I’ve kept my hair cut short. Really short.

It made sense. I’ve been balding on top and keeping my otherwise fast-growing hair nicely trimmed prevented any odd-looking hair events (such as “mad scientist” or “Bozo the clown”).

During my Great North American Baseball Road Trip, I made the decision not to cheat on my barber of 40+ years and just let me hair grow, occasionally trying to manage it with my beard trimmer.

After one near-catastrophic “trim”, I gave that up and just let it grow. When I returned and visited my barber, he thought we should leave it longer. He suggested he could thin out the “furry” (my word, not his) parts and I thought it would be something new (actually old) to do, so I agreed.

But I’d forgotten.

There are a lot of things short hair and/or baldness cure. For one thing, I’ve apparently still got it. My curly hair, that is. Within two weeks after my haircut, the wave at the back of my head was back.

Then there was the recent discovery of what that hair meant on my walks – more sweat! Specifically, more sweat dripping down and around my ears and neck. Swell. Especially annoying with earphones.

Even more recent (now that I’m almost a month out from my last haircut) is what riding with my windows down does when you actually have hair. I had some notion of this with my nieces when they’ve been passengers, but I never considered the circumstances with me (having no previous need to in the past two decades).

But there it was, all bushy looking as my now-thick hair fluffed up from the outside air rushing through the car. Mad scientist indeed!

Ah well, it’s still a nice bit of nostalgia to those bygone days when you couldn’t see the floor after one of my haircuts, so much hair did grow on my pate. And I do like the general feel and look of thicker hair again.

Except for the extra wetness. That’s one part of catching the wave I could do without.

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