Cardly working


If I have your address, you don’t need to read my blog to know my affection for sending cards in the mail.

Any opportunity will usually do. Birthdays, Valentine’s, Mother’s Day, Summer solstice, sea turtle season. Really,any opportunity, because getting a card in the mail is way cooler than just about anything.

Part of my love of cards probably comes from all those years helping (a little, at least) Mom in her flower shops. Sure there were holiday reasons for flowers, but there were so many other occasions that it made an impression on me.

And I was good at it. Sending cards, that is. I took the time to write something personal about the friend or family member. And then there was the big end-of-year mailing for Christmas and Hanukkah.

Notice the past tense. For some reason not yet discerned, I stopped my card mailing except for just birthdays, Mother’s Day,  Father’s Day and Valentine’s. I don’t know why, I just sort of faded.

Then came the e-card excuse and soon some of the main holidays were getting shortchanged. Even the messages started sounding meh. I was, you’ll forgive the expression, mailing it in.

But I’m back this year to say that I’m drawing the line, the buck stops here, the rubber is hitting the road and the card’s in the mail.


Actually, I just got back from selecting a variety of holiday cards to ship off to people who I know (a) do Christmas (b) do Hanukkah or (c) I’m not sure.

It’s not that I’m worried about offending someone…how can you offend someone if you’re considerate enough to send them a card? No, I try to send an “appropriate” card out of respect and as a sign that I know you.

So, over the next few days, I’ll be writing and addressing to everyone who I think I have current addresses for (including the paper delivery person, whom I kept waiting for to include her address with my Sunday paper).

The rest of you, sorry, you get e-cards. And no, rest easy, none of you are getting cards like the one in this post, Walking Dead fan or not (I’m a not).

But e- or snail, the thought is universal: Have a happy, healthy and memorable holiday season!

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