Called on the carpet


called on carpet2There are numerous advantages to living alone; I’ve certainly gone over a few in previous posts.

One of those that played out today is how clean it is not to have kids, pets or just about anything else in the house.

Still, twice a year (for my birthday and Halloween), I hold a big BBQ/party and invite gobs of people to partake in food and gab.  The guest list always includes kids, some young, some older.  And the results of those twice-yearly affairs is always some new spot on my (once) creamy white carpets.

Finally, after years of procrastinating (and a new iced tea stain that was all me), I put in the call (well, internet, actually) to Stanley Steemer to come clean my five-year old carpets.

Yeah, yeah, I’m sure none of you can imagine five years of no carpet cleaning (on white carpets, no less).  Well, I have this to say to you:  Stanley was impressed.

The two gents charged with whitening my comfy carpets were amazed by how clean they were, even more when I told them they had never been cleaned (yes, yes, I do vacuum.  Sheesh.)

Outside of some of those BBQ spots and a worn out area where I do my exercises in the workout room, the carpet was mostly still “white”.

Considering the age of some of those spots, I was not expecting much.  My expectations were exceeded by a quantum level, though.  Every spot and stain – gone.  Even the darkened area where I exercised for five years – gone.  Impressive!

With my Halloween party coming in just a couple of weeks, I am less nervous than ever about active little kids who don’t yet know to wipe their feet or distracted adults who aren’t watching their BBQ sauce.

Glad I called Stanley on the carpet!

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