bzzzzMany times have I fallen in love with an electric razor only to have the breakup be one of pain and regret. Indeed, if I had as many divorces as I’ve had electric razors, I’d not even be able to afford a three-pack of disposables.

So it is, like the woman you can never quite forget, that I always return to blade razors for a close shave. Yet, as the Bard says, it remains the most unkindest of all. A bloody reminder why you left her in the first place.

Spurred on by a particularly biting week, I once again tested a romance with electricity.

I thought I had met or knew every type by now, but there was apparently a corner of the world I had never visited before…at least for razors.

I took the leap, despite hoping for some Black Friday sales, and bought a Panasonic Arc5 electric razor.

It’s a monster, with a head dwarfing my old Braun (though not the triple-head Norelco). Apparently, science has exceeded my capabilities (or desires) as the new electrics can now shave “wet/dry”.

I am currently one week into the razor and am running performance tests based on the following:

  1. Dry shave
  2. Dry shave with powder
  3.  Wet shave with lather
  4. (After today’s supply run) Dry shave with pre-electric liquid

Early results favor the powder for least irritation and closest shave. Dry shave comes next and wet shave is just plain dopey. I mean, the lather is still there so you can’t even tell if you’re shaving! Who thinks up these things?

I am pleased you can just rinse the razor in running water just like a straight blade, so there’s also that (no more fancy cleaning machines with high-priced colored water refills).

When I’m clean-shaven, I like to shave every day. That’s tough to do with my baby-soft skin. I’m pleased so far with the quality of the shave and the tenderness of the razor.

They say there’s a match for everyone. Could I have finally found mine?


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