June 22, 2021

2 thoughts on “Bully Boot-camp

  1. I taught in a school that had the right idea. One of the biggest problems of bullies is their parents. I was a teacher and a parent and I can testify that most bullies have parents that either don’t care or think their child is wonderful and therefore will not believe or offer any consequences for the behavior. This school had a policy that for students that could not control themselves in several ways, but especially mouthing off to hurt others, the parents themselves would have to take a day off work (that killed them right there!) and sit next to their child the entire school day. They got to see what the problem was first hand and both parent and child would do anything to keep from repeating that. It worked remarkably well. Feeling empathy for others is something that is taught at a young age and perhaps that should be included in the curriculum for younger children. But it is never too late to try and teach it. And if they are too destructive, they should be taught that school is a privilege and they can either stay at home or get a job because they can’t come to school and ruin other people’s lives. The flip side is teaching others to value themselves. But bullying starts very early in life and they start bashing others before they have an understanding of who they are and if they like the person they are.

    1. I strongly believe bullying is a self-esteem issue on the part of the bully. Something is not connecting at home with the family and the result is either misplaced anger or an urgent need to draw attention and, if not love, at least acknowledgement of their existence.

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