Breaking up is easy to do


breaking upThe unwinding of the Great North American Baseball Road Trip continues.

Before I left on my grand journey, I puzzled over how to deliver the posts and blogs I planned on making throughout the trip.  I didn’t want to copy them and paste them in multiple media (Facebook, Twitter, my website, etc.).

A solution presented itself via Twitter’s ability to link other social apps (i.e., Facebook) and simply allow me to post only once.  While this didn’t solve for my website, I had a sharing widget in the blog that would allow me to post to Twitter (and then, by virtue of the link, Facebook).

Problems immediately surfaced.  The Twitter posting was intermittent.  Sometimes it showed up on Facebook and sometimes not.  That was annoying and problematic, as I still have more Facebook friends than Twitter followers.

Upon more research, I found that I could reverse the process; that is, link Twitter to Facebook and post to Facebook first.  This worked to a degree.  Without the Twitter character counter, I had no easy way of knowing when I exceeded 140 characters.  When that happened, it changed my post from a tweet to a partial tweet with a link to Facebook.

It was an imperfect solution, but it was the best I could manage.  Now the time has come to get rid of imperfect and return to triple posting.

It’s not as burdensome as it sounds.  For my “daily quote”, it’s a bit more of a workaround, since there are some I need to “prune” on Twitter in order to also post the image (very important for my quotes).  For the blog posts, it’s no biggie…just copy the link and then tweet it and the featured picture.

The good thing about breaking up is that I no longer get repeater’s syndrome, where everything posts every which way back and forth.  If I want to have an unrelated post on Facebook or tweet on Twitter, they now won’t needlessly bounce over to the other social media.

All it took was a few mouse clicks.  Breaking up has never been easier to do!

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